The ACTS prayer model is a simple approach to prayer that focuses on God’s glory.

This is more than a prayer checklist. It presents an opportunity for renewed gospel-focus and true heart-change.


n. The act of paying honor, as to a divine being; worship

W e praise what we love. Over the decades many have written, “we become what we love.” To love God is to praise God. As we praise Him, we experience Him more deeply, we love Him more and become more like Him. That brings Him glory! Adoration of God motivates all other aspects of prayer. When we see God’s holiness, we see our sin, which leads to confession.


n. A formal acknowledgement or admission of guilt

C onfession admits that sin is first and foremost against a holy God. With godly sorrow, the Holy Spirit moves us into repentance. Repentance is the way to spiritual maturity and transformation. True transformation comes from God alone. It’s rooted in the gospel, God’s just payment for our sin. Understanding the depth of the gospel leads us to thanksgiving.


n. A celebration of divine favor or kindness

W hen we realize all we have is a gift from God, thanksgiving pours from our lips. Even in suffering, the early Church was marked by a spirit of thanksgiving that was fueled by eternal hope in the gospel. When we approach God with a thankful heart, we’re prepared to offer God-centered requests.


n. An act or instance of humble prayer, entreaty or petition

R ather than seek our own will and self-interest, the practice of adoration, confession and thanksgiving prepare us to seek God’s glory before our own. We root our requests in the knowledge of God and His ways. Offering our supplication to God draws us closer to Him as we intimately reveal the desires of our hearts. Offering supplication on another’s behalf binds us closer to our brothers and sisters in Christ and promotes unity within the Church.